Eating Healthy Should Be Easy

Perhaps it’s that nagging digestive issue. Unhinged stress. Weight that won’t budge?
Maybe you’re overwhelmed. Overloaded. Drowning in insecurity.
Or you’re lacking clarity. Swamped with fear. And feeling seriously lost?

Whatever it is, people come to me because they’ve heard the call to make a change. They want something more. And they are ready to get it.

I want to tell you something… It is possible to live a life that completely aligns with you and your true essence. Uncovering your own brand of wellness – balance, health and happiness – is the key that unlocks your truth.

Free your mind. Fuel your body. Feed your soul.

As your Coach I am here to hold your hand, have your back, push you forward, pick you up, laugh + cry with you, listen to you, guide you, love you.

Together, we’ll take a deep breath in and tackle each blockage, climb over each hurdle and dig deep to uproot the old so we can replant the new – a shiny, happy and WHOLE you that totally rocks it.

You really can look and feel amazing. It’s truly possible to have boundless energy, ideas and motivation. It’s your right to live shiny and bright, happy and whole.

All you need is a clear direction. The tools to chip away at the old and replace it with the new. The support and the safety net. The guidance and the love. That’s where I come in I; that’s what I’m here for. I create a tailored program – just for you – that will radically improve your life. Together, we discover the tools you need for a lifetime of balance.

Everything we do is soulfully, delightfully centered on YOU – your balance, true happiness and perfect health.

When we work together you can expect insights and changes on:

Free your mind

  • Still your mind and find calm and clarity
  • Be done with negative self-talk once and for all
  • Break down your limiting beliefs to shine bright and live bold
  • Come face to face with your ego and reclaim your power
  • Learn how everything in your life impacts on your wellness
  • Reframe your mindset and perspective to live without anxiety and stress

Fuel your Body

  • Learn how to fuel your body the right way for you
  • Embrace a real life approach to real food and movement
  • Look and feel amazing in a strong, healthy and (hot!) body
  • Ditch your cravings and discover true respect for your body
  • Learn how to listen to the messages your body is sending
  • Experience boundless energy and vitality

Feed your soul

  • Connect in with your true essence
  • Love and nurture yourself – learn how to put you first
  • Tap into your intentions and manifest them in a way that is empowering and exciting
  • Uncover your true passions + purpose
  • Support your personal relationships + connect with others on a soul level
  • Discover the confidence to create the life you want


Nutrition Counseling


Who is this service right for?

Everyone, because each plan is designed custom to the individual. We have people who were in excess of 400lbs, to people who were training for athletic events and everything in between. Everyone gets results with our plans!

What Can I Expect?

You can expect to hit your goals faster than you ever thought possible. It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to lose 80lbs, eliminate a little unwanted belly fat, or put on 10 pounds of lean muscle. Because your nutrition is now custom and tailored to you the results are fast and endless.

40 Day Fruit Fast offers nutrtion counseling with Sherita Bagby, Wholistic Health Coach.
Includes two (2) 60-min counseling sessions over the phone, Skype or Google Hangouts per month.
Subscription auto renews each month.


Nutrition App - FREE 7 DAY TRIAL!

If you work better on your own, our Nutrition App works with you, at home or on your phone, like your own nutrition coach to help you create completely balanced meals using your favorite foods.

We Put You In Control...
Your Goals
Your Favorite Foods
Your Choices

Tell the Nutrition App what you enjoy eating and our system helps you make lists of foods that you enjoy eating for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks. The Nutrition App helps you build balanced meal plans using the foods in your Favorites Menus. It's like order from a resturant menu, except our system guides you to the best choices. 

The meal plnner helps you completely balance 26 nutrients in minutes.

Our system works with you to create personalized meal plans that meet teh highest standands. We take a complex task and make it easy and fun!

Custom Meal Plans

40 Day Fruit Fast offers Custom Meal Plans that include:
Full Nutrition App Access
(2) custom meal plans per month

Limited Text Q&A Sherita Bagby
Subscription auto renews each month





Packages Available In This Product
  • Nutrition App
    Include In The Package:
    Hundreds of Custom Meal Plans & Goal Trackers At Your Fingertips. FREE 7 DAY TRIAL!
    Instructor: Sherita Bagby
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